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Have You Noticed My Change In Tone?

From my live cam: Josh: wow luke, the beard has gotten really long. i haven’t been on your webcam in maybe 6 months. you look like you lost weight too Josh: so i hear you’re officially a member of the … Continue reading

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Whitewashing History

Friar Yid writes on Hirhurim: How can we claim to have an intellectual tradition that values knowledge if we deliberately lie about its history to advance propaganda? Doesn’t this show a tremendous lack of faith in Judaism’s intellectual merits on … Continue reading

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A Jewish Celebrity Blog

Check out Jewssip! Here is its entry on Sacha Baron Cohen’s fiance — the convert to Judaism Isla Fisher (is she the new face of Orthodox Judaism? I certainly hope so!): Isla Fisher isn’t exactly a Jewbie –  she converted … Continue reading

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The New Shiksa Menace

Chaim Amalek emails: "We all know about the Shiksa Menace, V1.0 – the blonde with boobs and bearing who turned the heads of many a yid one or two generations removed from the shtetl, and who continues to lure Jewish … Continue reading

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Leah Kleim Live In My Chat Room

Click here to join the fun. adrianna:  hey lukey adrianna:  is that the one and only leah kleim there???? LeahKleim:  Yeah thats me adrianna:  woweee! i love love love ur blog! LeahKleim:  thanx adrianna:  i check it every day like … Continue reading

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