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Connecting With Women

Kezia (a hot and smart British bird) writes: Us women however, do not consider that talking about our problems, feelings, insecurities and emotions as weak. We can really enjoy and embrace that moment when we can finally stop playing the … Continue reading

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David Suissa Is Tired Of Rabbis Preaching It Is Wrong To Steal

He writes: DON’T STEAL MONEY? BE ETHICAL? It takes courage to say that? Don’t get me wrong. Stealing and cheating are terrible. Jews who steal and cheat are criminals. They are a disgrace and a shanda to all of us. … Continue reading

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Is Judaism Right-Wing Or Left-Wing?

It is neither. Judaism was thousands of years old before the modern political terms of Right and Left developed any meaning. In the New York Times Sunday Book Review, Leon Wieseltier disects Norman Podhoretz’s new book, "Why Are Jews Liberal?" … Continue reading

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Israelis Don’t Regard Obama As A Friend

An editor of the left-wing Israeli newspaper Haaretz writes in the New York Times: Six months into his presidency, Israelis find themselves increasingly suspicious of Mr. Obama. All they see is American pressure on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to freeze … Continue reading

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Spammed By Tagged.com

I accidentally spammed all my friends to look at my Tagged profile. From today’s New York Times: I THOUGHT it was a little strange when I received separate e-mail messages from two people I knew only slightly asking me to … Continue reading

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