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Can You Change Your Personality?

All in the Mind podcast. From Lack of Character: Personality and Moral Behavior by John M. Doris: Scholars with a background in evolution see evolutionary psychology as the key to understanding how the world works just as theologians regard their … Continue reading

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American Fear

One of the big differences between life in Australia and in America is the amount of fear. Americans walk around with much more fear about crime, litigation, loss of a job, and loss of health insurance. Australians don’t worry much … Continue reading

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Blacks Ride Free

Ever since Uber and Lyft effectively doubled their prices about a year ago, I’ve ridden the bus more in LA and it seems like about half of the black passengers don’t bother paying while about 90% of other groups do … Continue reading

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When Your Options In Life Dwindle

There are few things that are as thrilling to me as the open road with no commitments. You give me time and you give me money and I’ll want to drive or fly away. Like a running back, I want … Continue reading

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Richard Spencer Debates Styx On Free Speech, Online Anonymity (5-20-22)

03:00 Styx vs Richard Spencer – Internet Anonymity, 09:00 Richard takes things seriously 28:00 The porn question 35:00 What does it mean to be a Christian? 42:00 The Buffalo shooter had a toothache, 47:30 Riding the World’s … Continue reading

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