Have You Noticed My Change In Tone?

From my live cam:

Josh: wow luke, the beard has gotten really long. i haven’t been on your webcam in maybe 6 months. you look like you lost weight too
Josh: so i hear you’re officially a member of the tribe
Josh: now that you’re officially in, i’ll send you your own copy of the “protocols of the elders of zion”
Josh: but you gotta keep it on the down low, we don’t want any goyim knowing about it
YourMoralLeader: Reticence is my middle name
Josh: now that you’re a yid, have you become any less bitter
YourMoralLeader: hmm maybe, you’ll have to judge
Josh: i’ve noticed a change
YourMoralLeader: interesting
Josh: in your postings
Josh: you’re less angry
Josh: more optimistic
Josh: it’s a good thing
Josh: how’re the b**ches treating you
YourMoralLeader: with respect

Josh: dude, all kidding aside, you look 10 years younger, keep it up
YourMoralLeader: thanks matey, it’s the Alex Tech and the yoga
Josh: you need a little bit of “just for men” combed into your beard and you could pass for a 25 year old chabadnik

Josh: if you can’t stomach the site of two guys hooking up, stay away from “Big Love”
Josh: i’ve been watching that show for a few years now and it’s gotten very gay-graphic
Josh: i figured you would, coming from the background that you do
Josh: i’m sure there are some sda fringe groups out there that resemble juniper creek
YourMoralLeader: and you’re sephardi so you can relate to bigamy

guest5: Sinkers or floaters today, boy?
guest5: SPEAK UP!
YourMoralLeader: hi dad!
YourMoralLeader: sinkers pops
guest5: i might’ve guessed.
guest5: I should have left you chained to the dunny when you were a child.
guest6: now, des, don’t be too gard on the lad.
guest5: Is that you, gill?
YourMoralLeader: hi mom
guest6: yes, desmond, it’s me. i just dropped a fair-dinkum clanger using this bloody keyboard. my hormones are quite out of control today.
guest5: A fair-dinkum shame and a disgrace, that’s what you are, Sunny Jim!
guest5: “Look, Dad! Thanks to my Alexander Technique, I’m standing straight and tall now!” Bloody ponce!
guest5: Gill, I’m afraid your questionable theories about hormones have confused the boy.
guest6: now, des, if luke wants to place his faith in archaic 19th century charlantry, who are we to try to stop him? it does seem foolish .. even to me.
JOSHUA: They are as Jewish as The Shah of Persia#
guest5: Listen to this bloody ponce…he buys into my son’s feeble efforts to masquerade as an Orthodox Jew.
guest6: that’s what i’m saying, des.
JOSHUA: Their language is from the goy gutter
JOSHUA: UK I would say
guest5: Ask Rabbi Union about that one, mate!

guest6: and notice how he tries to insult us

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I've written five books (see Amazon.com). My work has been covered in the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and on 60 Minutes. I teach Alexander Technique in Beverly Hills (Alexander90210.com).
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