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adrianna:  hey lukey
adrianna:  is that the one and only leah kleim there????
LeahKleim:  Yeah thats me
adrianna:  woweee! i love love love ur blog!
LeahKleim:  thanx
adrianna:  i check it every day like 1000 times!
LeahKleim:  its not that interesting
adrianna:  well, not lately i agree! whats up with u??
LeahKleim:  at least i know where my traffic is coming from. now if i could find the other 5 ppl doing that , I would know all my readers
adrianna:  and whats the deal with daily yid, i mean why wud someone admit doing that stuff to anyone???
adrianna:  lol, i think ur enemies wish it was just 5 ppl, not 1000000’s
LeahKleim:  cuz hes a sick ba***rd I guess. why the hell do all the sick rabbis and morons fall in my lap ? such is life, Im there magnet
LeahKleim:  I have enemies ?;)
adrianna:  and he knew he was talking to leah kleim??
LeahKleim:  yes
LeahKleim:  he contacted me, just like the rest of the sickos
adrianna:  well i couldnt think of the right word, maybe not enemies, but as u sed sick f***
adrianna:  do they all think that they’ll be "the one"??!?
LeahKleim:  I dont pay my enemies any attention, to me they are non exsistent
LeahKleim:  yeah they all think there special or something
adrianna:  i think ur blog displays what has happened in this era, if u think about it… as one by one the great leaders who lived in the pre holoacust times died then one by one their heritages crumbled
adrianna:  lubavich, satmar, bobov…
LeahKleim:  there all f’d up big time. the more religious they seem the more demons they have
adrianna:  but the original rebbe’s, the ones who lived thru holocaust, they were great men and great leaders.
SamoverRebbe:  Luke we were discussing why you cannot be the Jewish Martin Luther
SamoverRebbe:  It is your status as convert that prevents you from fully using your analytical abilities to address what ails Judaism
LeahKleim:  he should do it under a different name, some dudes picture from australia
guest169:  only a  true jew can acertain what ails judaisam as they have a better understanding of its history
LeahKleim:  so Luke may be a stranger among us !!!!
guest169:  luke should have been in the movie.  maybe he and melanie griffith could have gotten it on
LeahKleim:  would he break his shomer negianess for her?
guest169:  for her & any women that moves
LeahKleim:  I think he should write about porn in the frum world
LeahKleim:  its an obsession
guest169:  frum men are lousy tippers too
LeahKleim:  I know, I talked to strippers about them, they said they are very cheap
guest169:  & they always leave their tzizis behind
LeahKleim:  they go into strip clubs with yarmulkas payes tzitis and everything
guest169:  & leave with some disease they give to their aishel chayil
guest169:  who has been in the hot humid kitchen making delicious pototao kugel for this ois vorf of a man
LeahKleim:  i know a rabbi in cali who was cheating on his wife, came home looking all oisgef**ked while she was with all the kids. i always wondered if he was using protection.

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