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Baruch HaShem, My Dog Was Nifter

Heshy Fried gives this guide to sounding more religious, more Orthodox, than you really are: Funeral: Say Levaya instead Death, died or passed away: Nifter is the supreme substitute, if you want to be a bit more moderishe, but not … Continue reading

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The New Shiksa Menace

Chaim Amalek emails: "We all know about the Shiksa Menace, V1.0 – the blonde with boobs and bearing who turned the heads of many a yid one or two generations removed from the shtetl, and who continues to lure Jewish … Continue reading

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I’m Live On My Cam!

Click here to join the fun! Kevin Roderick reports: Regarding this afternoon’s item on a shortage of matzoh for Passover, mileages vary: "I noticed the shortage too! I live in a very Jewish neighborhood…..near Pico/Robertson…closer to Pico/Fairfax. At my "ghetto" … Continue reading

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