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NYT: Nxivm ‘Sex Cult’ Was Also a Huge Pyramid Scheme, Lawsuit Says

From the New York Times:

Mr. Raniere and Ms. Salzman built a curriculum that they falsely claimed was based in science, the lawsuit alleged. The early courses conditioned students to become emotionally dependent on a system of rewards and punishment. Coaches would break down the students’ self-esteem and scold them for failing to achieve their goals, then lift them up with a positive affirmation.

“That process leaves you wanting more and feeling like they have the answers,” said a former Nxivm member who is participating in the lawsuit.

The group exploited students’ desires for validation, telling them that only Nxivm classes could fix the internal problems hindering their success. If they reached the top of Nxivm, they were told, they could earn income and build a career within the organization.

Yet the leaders continually manipulated the program requirements so that only a fraction of participants ever received income, the lawsuit said. Students were constantly pressured to take more courses and recruit other students.

Many members effectively became indentured servants for Nxivm, working for years without pay and losing their life’s savings, the plaintiffs said…

Many Nxivm members were shielded from negative press about the group because Mr. Raniere in 2014 created his own news organization called The Knife of Aristotle. Reading outside news was considered an act of rebellion, according to the plaintiffs.

Mr. Raniere and his inner circle tested the loyalty of longstanding members by making extreme demands, the lawsuit said, like asking them to lick a puddle of mud or run headfirst into a tree.

The curriculum became increasingly misogynistic over time, according to the plaintiffs. One of the programs taught women that they were sheltered from the consequences of their actions by men, and that they did not deserve equal pay because they had quit their jobs to have children. Women were to be monogamous, while men were to be polygamous, Nxivm taught.

The slow indoctrination laid the foundation for certain women to be groomed as Mr. Raniere’s sexual partners, the lawsuit alleged.

Students were often scared to quit, having invested so much money and time into an endeavor that they thought could bring them success. They also saw the retaliation by Nxivm leaders against its critics and defectors, former participants said.

Thanks to Ms. Bronfman’s wealth, the lawsuit alleged, Nxivm was able to hire an army of lawyers to sue former members and interfere in their personal bankruptcy proceedings. Nxivm associates gave false statements to law enforcement authorities in Canada and elsewhere to initiate criminal investigations into defectors, according to the lawsuit.

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Antifa Arson?

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* Is there any connection between the countless examples of arson in downtown Portland and the wildfires in Oregon?

* You spent three months telling people that you were going to burn everything to the ground, and then a bunch of fires happen. What do you expect people to think? Why would I care about your protestations of innocence?

But if they want to deny it, does this mean they’re admitting that they were full of shit when they threatened to burn everything down? Because if they were serious, then why would they even feel bad about all the fires now? This is what they said they wanted.

* Forest fires really are a function of conditions more than intentions.

Arsonists may or may not try, but if conditions aren’t right, they won’t accomplish much. Conversely, given dry fuel, high temperatures, and some wind — you’ll get fires.

I’ve been looking at the weather. Well, the temperature’s going to drop, and there’s even some rain forecast for sometime next week.

This is going to last through the weekend, then it’ll end — whatever the arsonists do or don’t do.

* Twitter’s giving a safety warning on the link to The Post Millennial:

The link you are trying to access has been identified by Twitter or our partners as being potentially spammy or unsafe, in accordance with Twitter’s URL Policy. This link could fall into any of the below categories:

● malicious links that could steal personal information or harm electronic devices
● spammy links that mislead people or disrupt their experience
● violent or misleading content that could lead to real-world harm
● certain categories of content that, if posted directly on Twitter, are a violation of the Twitter Rules

Gotta love how they’re conflating malicious hacking/phishing sites with thoughtcrime sites. I’m sure that won’t cause any problems for people in the future.

* the mugshots of the arsonists tend to have the same homely physiognomy as antifa mugshots. I think that the real danger, or benefit, depending on how you look at it, of AI facial recognition is that it eventually will be able to “recognize” people who are just losers and criminal types based on how they look, either for genetic reasons (probable), or based on how society treats homely people.

* Who’s been recorded using fireworks in Portland for months now?

Waves of attacks by white supremacists, of course.

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Jack Cashill: Why I chose to tackle Obama’s sexuality

Jack writes:

Late one night about a year ago, I received a call from the mysterious Charles Johnson. Mother Jones calls Johnson, “Twitter’s most infamous right-wing troll.” Whatever. Johnson knows stuff, much of it true.

He asked me whether I had read David Garrow’s massive 2017 Obama biography, “Rising Star.” When I said I had, he asked whether I had read the paperback version. I had not. He pointed me to a particular page and told me to go get the paperback…

On page 113, I found the excerpt not included in the original version of “Rising Star.” It came from a letter Obama wrote to his college girlfriend, Alex McNear…

Given its content, I could see why the excerpt was left out. Wanting to know who made the decision to do so, I emailed Garrow.

Garrow wrote back promptly, telling me it was McNear who refused to share the lines in question. She told him they were “too explosive,” adding, “They involved gayness.”

A dogged researcher, Garrow followed the unredacted letters to Emory University where they ended up after McNear sold them.

Garrow had a friend go to the library, find the redacted lines, and copy them down by hand. Garrow then inserted this new language into the paperback that came out in May 2018.

Obama, then about 21, had written to McNear that he viewed gay sex as “an attempt to remove oneself from the present, a refusal perhaps to perpetuate the endless farce of earthly life.”

Then came the money quote: “You see, I make love to men daily, but in the imagination. My mind is androgynous to a great extent and I hope to make it more so.”

At the time, Obama was in New York, writing back to McNear who was still in Los Angeles. These sentiments may explain why Obama inexplicably froze McNear out of his life. Garrow describes the letters Obama sent to McNear as “hostile,” even “ugly.”

Dipping into his thesaurus, Obama wrote on one occasion, “You are correct when you say that initially you were to me nothing more than a lovely wraith I had shaped to fit my needs.” And on another, “I no longer feel compelled to try to shackle you in my abstruse dreams.” Shackle?

This revelation came at a good time for me. In writing my book “Unmasking Obama,” I was still debating whether or not I should address the rumors of Obama’s homosexuality.

There was other evidence to consider. One was Obama’s adolescent relationship with CPUSA member Frank Marshall Davis, an admitted bisexual with a taste for underage prey.

Obama wrote one poem about Davis while in college, “Pop,” and likely an earlier one while in high school. Davis appears to have written one about Obama.

“Pop takes another shot, neat / Points out the same amber / Stain on his shorts that I’ve got on mine / and / Makes me smell his smell, coming / From me,” Obama wrote as a 19-year-old.

What young man writes something like that? Well, the same young man who wrote, “I make love to men daily.”

Then too there was the memorable Larry Sinclair. In June 2008, at the National Press Club in Washington, Sinclair related the alleged details of a two-day coke and sex romp with the then-married Obama in 1999.

Sinclair provided dates, the name of the hotel, the name of the Muslim limo driver who arranged the assignation, the specifics of their sexual interlude, and challenged the media to follow up. They did not. Instead, as was their habit during the Obama years, they attacked the messenger.

… In his email, Garrow related how the media ignored the bombshell in his paperback, writing, “Even the Daily Caller, which I’m 98% certain knew of the change, didn’t do anything with it.”

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Saying Goodbye to Australia

Isabella Kwai writes for the New York Times Australia newsletter:

It was the slow pace that struck me most when I returned to my hometown, Sydney, three years ago from Washington, D.C.

Walking behind strangers, who always seemed to amble slowly, was unbearable. Old friends invited me to lazy afternoons in the sun to catch up. Sometimes, the conversation lapsed into brief silences.

I found this relaxed attitude quite alarming. The feeling was apparently mutual. “Highly strung” was the diagnosis for me, according to one friend.

But by then I had absorbed the lessons of studying in the United States, where there had always been somewhere to rush and never enough time to slow down. They called it “the American Dream,” the belief that with hard work you could realize your deepest, most cherished ambitions.

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