The Primary Source Of Dissatisfaction For My Viewers Is… (7-12-20)

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Steve Sailer: Scott Alexander Was Right to Fear Doxing After All: CNN Doxes a Tucker Carlson Writer

This was not doxxing. Doxxing refers to revealing a home address or personal details that a person wants to hide. This Tucker Carlson writer Blake Neff “doxxed” himself. He published ugly stuff online after publicy boasting for years about how he was Tucker’s main writer and then he ran away after his posting career was publicized (deleting his Twitter and Linked-in profiles). He wanted the benefits of anonymity to sling the n-word and humiliate women he knew while at the same time wanting people to know he was Tucker’s number one guy. He was clearly anti-social. In the Washington Post, the guy said in 2017: ” “I would not necessarily oppose this city’s destruction by nuclear fireball, even if I am in it at the time.”

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Is It Your Place?

In the early years of my conversion to Judaism (1994-1995), when I was filled with enthusiasm and ready to tell off other Jews for doing Judaism wrong, Dennis Prager would sometimes say to me, “Is it your place to do this?”

I never liked this perspective because I didn’t want to stay in my lane. Looking back, I realize he was right.

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Blame & Responsibility

If you argue with terrorists such as Black Lives Matter activists, you are not to blame if they shoot you, but you are responsibility for needlessly placing yourself in danger. If you walk alone in a bad part of town and you get robbed or raped, I don’t blame you, but I do think you are responsibile for putting yourself needlessly in danger. Is this a meaningful difference? I hate getting accused of victim blaming when I point out that most people most of the time share responsibility for the bad things that happen to them.

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Should We Send Social Workers Instead Of Police To Non-Violent 911 Calls?

From comments at Steve Sailer:

* I would watch the Christopher Guest mockumentary about a motley crew of neurotic social workers, psychologists, and assorted liberal arts grads attempting to deescalate crises as the newest unit of a defunded police department.

How many minutes into the movie before the retired sociology professor played by Eugene Levy gets paralyzed from the neck down by a jittery crackhead?

* I used to know a lot of police officers, and they all universally told me, When responding to a domestic dispute call, the very first thing you do is, go into the kitchen and turn off the stove, make sure there are no pots of boiling water. Most domestic disputes involve a man physically abusing his woman, but once the po-po arrive, the woman will suddenly side with her man against the cops, and that’s when the fun begins.

I look forward to troupes of Bennington and Oberlin grads getting scalded, in their new role as unarmed social-work Peace officers. I can already hear “Imagine” being sung en masse in the emergency rooms. Hell, maybe I’ll go back to working an ER, just for the lulz.

* But they should be large and muscular social workers so they can wrestle problem people down without shooting them. They could wear uniforms to make them identifiable, perhaps blue.

* Anyone who has worked at an inpatient psych ward will testify as to the general emotional unpredictabality and inordinate strength often possessed by residents. Decades of consistently positive interpersonal relations are no guarantee of future safety. Minimal physical conditioning is illusory once biochemistry flows, and lethargy flips to berserker mania in microseconds. Experience informs being calm, quiet, and kind but always defensively aware. Most conflict can be prevented with mindful situational awareness and control, but it is always surprising how strong, fast, and brutal individuals can be. Unfortunately, only experience can teach this wisdom and many find they’re not actually cut out for the job upon their first difficult situation….

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