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An Entertainment Subgenre

Chaim Amalek emails: I know this no longer is Luke’s area, but there must be a market for shomer negia videos, in which women try to tempt men into touching them and the men steadfastly refuse, but are instead content … Continue reading

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I Want To Learn How To Tell My Story

I saw a flyer yesterday for a ten-week workshop for low-income men and women to tell their stories. These poor buggers would learn about writing it up and delivering it in public. I thought this could help me overcome my … Continue reading

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Why Are Women More Liberal Than Men?

On his radio show Oct. 29, Dennis said that a woman’s tendency is "to think more in terms of the micro than the macro, the personal, the individual, rather than the broad social questions… There’s a study about men and … Continue reading

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‘Why Didn’t He Molest Me?’

In my capacity as a moral leader, I have to counsel a lot of hurt and confused men and women dealing with the hard knocks that life delivers. Sometimes their pain comes from their rabbi being accused of molestation. "I … Continue reading

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You Are Not Jewish II

From the May 5 Haaretz: Asher Maoz writes: These are painful statements, but they must be said loud and clear: Two peoples live in this land, both Jewish – they and we. They are the ultra-Orthodox, who see themselves as … Continue reading

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