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Are All Standard Gums Kosher?

Rabbi Yehuda Bukspan of Los Angeles has ruled that all standard gums are kosher. Marc B. Shapiro writes: “I wonder if R. Moshe would agree with R. Yitzhak Abadi that all the standard gums (Wrigleys, Trident, etc.) are kosher.” The … Continue reading

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Joe emails: A reform jew is walking down the street and he looks in the window of the kosher deli. He does a double take as he is utterly shocked to see his reform synagogue’s pulpit rabbi eating lunch. He … Continue reading

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The Kashrut Whistleblower

Lou emails: Hi, Luke. I’m sure Mr. Frank appreciates that you and other Jewish bloggers are helping him blow the whistle on the O.U. But has it occurred to you that the man is at least slightly unhinged? Even a … Continue reading

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I Want To Learn How To Tell My Story

I saw a flyer yesterday for a ten-week workshop for low-income men and women to tell their stories. These poor buggers would learn about writing it up and delivering it in public. I thought this could help me overcome my … Continue reading

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RCA’s Feel Good Resolutions

Michael posts to Hirhurim: Nice feel-good stuff, but really no meat to any of them. The sad thing is that they will likely be ignored by their own membership and OU-affiliated shuls. The smachot in my neighborhood are still over … Continue reading

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