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Chaim Amalek emails: I know this no longer is Luke’s area, but there must be a market for shomer negia videos, in which women try to tempt men into touching them and the men steadfastly refuse, but are instead content to “shokel” as they study the teachings of their all-male rabbis. Luke could do a variant of this were he the enterprising sort. He could invite these ladies into his home, and ask them to tempt him whilst fully clothed and without initiating any direct physical contact.

The subculture of shomer negiah men and women merits further exploration.

Fred emails: It occurs to me that if you are a wannabe model, you probably seek publicity, and any publicity is good publicity. I wonder if Luke could host a program like “The View”, filled with hot models talking about Torah and Talmud? (Try to avoid the subject of modesty.) I’ll bet you’d get a cult following.

Khunrum emails: Clearly a female presence is needed on Torah Talk. For us goyishas Torah Talk is a crashing bore. I can’t see any Jews being overly enthusiastic about Torah Talk either. Why not bring in some, shall we say, “fallen” women. Sluts as it were. Women of easy virtue. Make it like Dr. Drew’s Rehab. Trollops come on the show and are saved by a combination of Rabb’s Torah and Luke’s Alexander. A one two punch to cleanse the soul and straighten the spine. btw I read a piece on NEWSER which suggested that Dr. Drew’s Rehab show should be canceled because so far not one guest has given up the sex, drugs and booze. One porn gal went back to the smut biz and made a movie mocking Dr. Drew. Last week a rock an’ roller OD’ d. Luke and Rabbs….. you can do better….

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