Why Are Women More Liberal Than Men?

On his radio show Oct. 29, Dennis said that a woman’s tendency is "to think more in terms of the micro than the macro, the personal, the individual, rather than the broad social questions… There’s a study about men and women witnessing the same car crash. The women were far more likely to focus on the suffering of those in the crash…while the men were more likely to focus on who hit whom when the crash took place."

"Women are more likely to hear the baby at night and they marvel at what we men can sleep through."

"Liberal social policy is geared towards helping the individual. Masculine thinking is more likely to ask — what is better for society? The woman going to vote is more likely to ask, what benefits me and my loved ones?"

"Number two is compassion vs. standards… Women will be more compassion-oriented in social policy and men more standards-oriented. Same sex marriage is a great example. Feminine thinking is — how does this impinge on the life of a gay person? Does it hurt them? Is it fair to them? Masculine thinking is — there’s a standard for defining marriage, man/woman. That’s what society has to ask."

"Regarding the housing market, feminine thinking is more compassionate. Let’s lower standards so poorer people can own homes. Let’s lower standards so we can do that. Masculine thinking is, if we lower the standards for giving out loans, more people will default on loans, and we’ll be in terrible shape."

"I would not be surprised if the greater number of liberal men [was related to] the greater number of guys raised without a dad."

"Women think, I nurture, why doesn’t the state nurture? I take care of those I love, why doesn’t the state take care of everyone? Liberal rhetoric about us all being one big family takes over that rhetoric."

"Women want to be protected. It’s as primal an urge as the male urge for sex. Women want security more than sex. It continues beyond the time that a woman may be sexually active."

"When a woman’s urge for security leads her to want a government that takes care of everyone, I’m not thrilled. When her urge for security leads her to embrace and marry a man who will protect her, I am thrilled."

"Animal rights is almost a woman movement. When women don’t have a husband and children to nurture, it’ll be an animal they nurture."

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