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Rabbi Avi Weiss’s Bridge Too Far On Female Orthodox Rabbis

Rabbi Avi Weiss miscalculated. He thought he could get support on this issue without talking to anyone. His approach was the opposite of Chana Henkin‘s. She created a limited semicha (rabbinic ordination) for women to rule on Jewish law. She … Continue reading

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Lakewood Changes The Way It Deals With Molestation

These links are from Hirhurim: Lakewood changes how it deals with molestation: link Jewish convert comedian: link R. Stephen Pruzansky on Left Wing Modern Orthodox rabbis: link Note the second yahrtzeit — that’s the controversial R. Azariah De Rossi!: link … Continue reading

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New Torah

Rabbi Gil Students writes: Meorot Journal 7:1, September 2008/Tishrei 5769 (link) Introduction to the Tishrei 5769 Edition by Dr. Eugene Korn "Dat Ha-Emet" in Maimonides’ Mishneh Torah by R. Chaim Rapoport Maimonides’ "True Religion": For Jews or All Humanity? A … Continue reading

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‘The Search Committee’

Rabbi Gil Student writes: R. Marc Angel’s recent book, The Search Committee, is an interesting attempt to portray the divisions within contemporary Orthodox Judaism through a fictional story. The story revolves around the largest yeshiva in America, Yeshivas Lita. It’s … Continue reading

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Video Of Alana Newhouse

This is the first time I’ve seen her move. It’s not an unpleasant sight. When she cocks her head and smiles, I bet you anything she’s thinking about me and my unique brand of Jewish journalism. I admit it did … Continue reading

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