New Torah

Rabbi Gil Students writes:

Meorot Journal 7:1, September 2008/Tishrei 5769 (link)

  • Introduction to the Tishrei 5769 Edition by Dr. Eugene Korn
  • "Dat Ha-Emet" in Maimonides’ Mishneh Torah by R. Chaim Rapoport
  • Maimonides’ "True Religion": For Jews or All Humanity? A Response to Chaim Rapoport by Dr. Menachem Kellner
  • Torah Aliyyot for Women – A Continuing Discussion by R. Shlomo Riskin and R. Mendel Shapiro
  • "New Year" or "Beginning of The New Year"? by R. Yoel Bin Nun
  • Curricula, Methodologies and Values in Orthodox Tanakh Study: Where They Can Help Us by R. Nathaniel Helfgot
  • Inviting a Gentile on Yom Tov by R. Yaakov Love
  • Ortodoqsiyah Yehudit: Hebeitim Hadashim (Orthodox Judaism: New Perspectives) edited by Yosef Salmon, Aviezer Ravitzky & Adam S. Ferziger review by R. Yitzchak Blau
  • Searching for Authentic Judaism: A Review of The Search Committee: A Novel by Marc Angel review by R. Alan J. Yuter
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