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Shabbaton With Luke Ford

Westwood Jewish Center: Join us for an elegant Shabbat at our state of the art banquet hall in honor of the holiday of Tu B’Av on August 3, 4. @@@@@@ FEATURED SPEAKER: Luke Ford @@@@@@@ The son of a Christian … Continue reading

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Three Orthodox Jews Work In New York’s Tabloid Press

Sunday morning, I call New York Post reporter Reuven Blau (Facebook). (My series on Jewish journalism.) Heshy Fried first talked to me about Reuven. Luke: “Reuven, when you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew … Continue reading

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The Yeshiva Of Hard Knocks

A guest post: I knew a boy named Luke Ford. I had the misfortune of being close to him. My name is Amber*. Because I’m nice, I was always seated next to Luke Ford at Jewish journalism events. People thought … Continue reading

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I Just Want To Be Close To You!

I have a hard time sleeping with someone. I feel like it is against the Torah. I feel like I am not living up to my highest ideals. I feel like my dad might walk in any minute and say, … Continue reading

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Failed Messiah Profiled

Samuel G. Freedman writes in the New York Times: Leaders of the Chabad movement declined to speak on the record about Mr. Rosenberg, but in general, they say he has exaggerated the degree of messianism in the movement and that … Continue reading

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