Video Of Alana Newhouse

This is the first time I’ve seen her move.

It’s not an unpleasant sight.

When she cocks her head and smiles, I bet you anything she’s thinking about me and my unique brand of Jewish journalism.

I admit it did distract me for a minute from my study of the sacred texts.

I’ve heard her live on the phone. I even carried on a few intelligent conversations with her without mentioning anything too vulgar.

I’ve seen pictures of her.

Now we can all see Alana Newhouse move.

She wears pants and a short sleeve shirt for her interview with Rabbi Marc Angel.


All this woman needs is a ferocious frum man to love her and she’d return to the ways of HaShem in no time.

Oy, so many women in such deep need, and there’s only one of me to go round.

Father, take this cup from me. But not my will but Thine be done.

I’ve heard a few things about The Jewish Channel. It’s been on Cablevision in the New York area for about six months. It goes live on Time Warner this Wednesday.

Here’s the news:

nyjewishweek.jpg Surfing The Jewish Channel, November 1, 2007
“‘This is an idea whose time has come,’ said Erica Gruen, former CEO of The Food Network, in a statement. ‘The wealth of programming content that TJC is bringing to the community should wow subscribers.’”

jewish-star-button.jpgJewish TV, Widely Available, October 19, 2007
“Unlike other incarnations of Jewish television…The Jewish Channel has purchased broadcast rights to hundreds of Jewish and Israeli-themed movies and short-form “low commitment” documentaries. ‘There’s nothing stale about this’…”

newsday Digital Cable Fills a Niche, October 22, 2007
“The Jewish Channel debuted last month, so far on Cablevision, offering programming for $5 a month. The on-demand channel’s slogan: ‘TJC is Judaism, On-Demand.’”
Niche Channels on Cablevision and Verizon
“The Jewish Channel, an on-demand channel, offers movies, news and cultural programming.”

Media Briefing for Friday, September 28, 2007
“Cablevision has added the Jewish Channel to its on-demand menu, reports Broadcasting & Cable.”

xod_header_web-button.jpgCablevision adds Jewish channel as SVOD option, September 26, 2007
“The channel offers a variety of programs focused on the Jewish culture, including films, documentaries, talk shows, comedies, political commentary shows, cooking programs, sports, children’s programs and holiday specials.”

krumasbagel-button.jpg TV With Tzitzis, September 19, 2007
“The content described on the website thus far looks very interesting: an entire lineup of fiction and documentary films — most of which I never heard of before — focused on Jewish history and culture. Some of the films look truly fascinating” The Jewish Channel Is Currently Available on Channel 291, 9/20/2007
“Looks like a great lineup of on demand movies and videos – with a single subscription charge of $4.95 for each month. … Wow that is a good deal.”

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