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The Loss Of Privacy

Ziona Greenwald writes for The Jewish Press: Anthony Weiner is the latest in a long line of public figures caught by surprise at the unveiling of their own closet misdeeds. Weiner (and Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the still-presumed-innocent Dominique Strauss-Kahn, and … Continue reading

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Rabbi Rabbs recommends this blog post on internet safety for those interested in online blogs about Orthodox Judaism. Rabbi Rabbs writes (and this is a partial excerpt from a discussion): I thought the movie was only so-so. Am I the … Continue reading

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Marrying A Convert

It does not make sense to me why somebody Orthodox from birth would want to marry a convert or a baal teshuva (penitent). I figure the more you have in common, the better. There tends to be a naive wide-eyed … Continue reading

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Don’t Let It Fester

So when I don’t like things in a relationship, my tendency is to distance myself or to find a new partner or to do passive aggressive things to hurt my partner or to send her a long angry email explaining … Continue reading

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This Week’s Torah Portion – Emor 5769

Steve Brizel writes: Kedushas Kehunah and Kedushas Am Yisrael R. Aharon Lichtenstein explains why non-Kohanim can and should emulate the Kohen in our everyday lives: link R. Yisocher Frand illustrates why the Halachos of Tumas Kohanim, even for a minor, … Continue reading

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