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I read this book by Rabbi Gil Student over Shabbos. I don’t know much, but the book to me has a yeshivish feel, a Litvish feel, a right-wing Modern Orthodox sensibility. It feels like it was written by a baal … Continue reading

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Yisroel Pensack: None Dare Call It Conservadox

Practically around the corner from where I live is a big old synagogue called Congregation Chevra Thilim that describes itself as “San Francisco’s oldest Orthodox congregation.” Chevra Thilim is currently undergoing a $1.6-million, months-long renovation, upgrade and expansion of its social hall building, which is … Continue reading

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Educating Converts To Orthodox Judaism

Rabbi Gil Student writes: They have to understand that a community that strives for closeness and closed-ness, a tight-knit society that builds a wall to the secular world (of varying heights, depending on each community), will present obstacles to joining. … Continue reading

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The Torah Revelation

Steve emails: Could you clarify the orthodox understanding of how, when and where was the actual full torah written by Moses as dictated by God. Was it when Moses was on Mt. Sinai in which case he came down with … Continue reading

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Will Judaism Destroy The Jewish State?

Orthodox rabbi Gil Student writes in the Jewish Press: Over the past weeks, many rabbis in Israel have publicized halachic rulings forbidding Jews to rent or sell homes to non-Jews. Doing so, they argue, violates Torah prohibitions and causes the … Continue reading

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