Lakewood Changes The Way It Deals With Molestation

These links are from Hirhurim:

  • Lakewood changes how it deals with molestation: link
  • Jewish convert comedian: link
  • R. Stephen Pruzansky on Left Wing Modern Orthodox rabbis: link
  • Note the second yahrtzeit — that’s the controversial R. Azariah De Rossi!: link
  • Counter-protest against Charedi protests: link
  • Prof. Jacob Neusner on his return to Reform: link
  • New international rabbinic organization founded by R. Avi Weiss and R. Marc Angel, considering the inclusion of women: link

Joseph Kaplan writes: "Women’s prayer groups and the Yoetzet movement (the latter, more understandable in Israel where the Rabbinate is largely dysfunctional) are just two examples of the straight line one can draw from the Reform ordination of women in the early 1970’s and the Conservative ordination in the 1980’s until today."

How simplistic — and wrong. But nothwithstanding such attitudes, many women in R. Pruzansky’s shul ask the yoetzet in Teaneck niddah-related shailot rather than him, and the same is true in many other Teaneck shuls whose rabbis have not supported — and some have even actively opposed — the yoetzet. Teaneck is lucky to have one rabbi wise enough, and brave enough, to be a true leader on this and other issues — and it’s not R. Pruzansky.

RABBI GIL STUDENT WRITES: I agree except that the latest developments — ordaining women and discussing their admission to a rabbinic organization — are so shocking that a little sarcastic incredulity is, in my opinion, forgivable.

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