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The Need For A Religious Jew To Talk To The World

An Orthodox rabbi writes an open letter to reggae singer Matisyahu: When your beard came off and your large black yarmulke remained I took pause, but your reassuring Tweets kept my hopes high. The pictures you recently Tweeted of you … Continue reading

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You Can Live A Lie For Only So Long

I did not shave or cut my beard for almost four years. Then I cut it off three months ago. A couple of weeks ago, Matisyahu cut off his beard. Many people have asked me for my opinion. I say … Continue reading

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Sundance Shabbat With Matisyahu

Larry Mark writes for the Jewish Journal: I also stopped by the “Shabbat at Sundance” dinner that drew more than 100 participants.  When the time came to say the Birkat Hamazon, a dozen attendees remained and I sat next to … Continue reading

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Tough Love From Amalek

Chaim Amalek emails: The art work is nice.  She’s talented AND pretty.  The paintings signal the world that this is a woman of many charms and talents. But you, Luke, are a middle aged man living in obscurity on the … Continue reading

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Holy Dazed

From TJC: We interviewed Jewish celebrities ranging from Matisyahu to Ed Koch, plus editors at New York Magazine, Huffington Post, Radar, Esquire, and Gawker Media — in addition to up-and-coming comedians, stars, and more! Laugh out loud at the funny … Continue reading

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