Sundance Shabbat With Matisyahu

Larry Mark writes for the Jewish Journal: I also stopped by the “Shabbat at Sundance” dinner that drew more than 100 participants.  When the time came to say the Birkat Hamazon, a dozen attendees remained and I sat next to a tall, thin, bearded man from Brooklyn, and poured him some Kedem grape juice.  “What do you do in Brooklyn—learn?” I asked the stranger.  “I’m in music,” he replied.  It was not until 20 minutes later – when another participant gushed over the man’s latest CD – that I realized the “stranger” was the Jewish reggae star, Matisyahu. He was at the dinner with his wife, Tali, a graduate of New York University’s film school, who met her husband while doing a documentary on men and women in the Orthodox community not touching. Tali apparently is at Sundance to make contacts to continue this project.

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