Tough Love From Amalek

Chaim Amalek emails:

The art work is nice.  She’s talented AND pretty.  The paintings signal the world that this is a woman of many charms and talents.

But you, Luke, are a middle aged man living in obscurity on the edge of poverty whose attentions are not of interest to her.  While I get the true (and non-threatening) sense in which you made that comment, you were not talking to a chum at a college mixer.  A man who is well into his forties must find other ways of expressing his appreciation for a woman’s physical charms, especially when he knows they will not be reciprocated.  Twink time is over, unless it is to be directed to women well past menopause.

Fred emails: "As one who is slightly past his forties, I’ve reached the point in life where, insofar as the seven deadly sins are concerned, I find that sloth is highly underrated. I recommend re-prioritizing one’s vices. Having said that, it is much more difficult to write a compelling blog in LA about sloth than lust, pride, envy, wrath, avarice or gluttony. (Of course, being truly slothful, I don’t think I’d ever get around to writing such a blog.)"

Horizontal Plane reports on a girl with a tattoo of the sh’ma below her right breast:

Amir Norman writes: “I was doing a documentary for Matisyahu, that was about his experience at Langerado. I was walking around with two rabbis (true story, not some set up for a joke) and as they were walking around blessing anyone who wanted a blessing a girl came up to us. We all started talking and she was like “I am a Jew!!! See,” revealing the tattoo of the prayer shema, which is one of the holiest prayers in the Jewish religion. I need to take a a picture of this, it had to be documented. I’ve shown it to many of my friends, both Jewish and non and to many Rabbis too. Each of them either having a funny comment or thinking it is awesome. One Rabbi told me it was interesting because it says in the shema to hold g-d close to your heart and thats where the tattoo was near and that is what the prayer calls for…”

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