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Is Foreskin Man Anti-Semitic?

The Los Angeles Times reports: A ballot measure to ban circumcision in San Francisco has taken a strange twist with the publication, by the measure’s sponsors, of a comic book in which an anti-circumcision superhero -– blond, buff and handsome … Continue reading

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Yisroel Pensack: Dead Rebbe As Mashiach

I was invited to a wedding and reception for the son of a San Francisco Chabad-Lubavitch rabbi/shaliach.

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Tough Love From Amalek

Chaim Amalek emails: The art work is nice.  She’s talented AND pretty.  The paintings signal the world that this is a woman of many charms and talents. But you, Luke, are a middle aged man living in obscurity on the … Continue reading

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Lindsay Lohan Converting To Judaism?

From EOnline: Kevin Mazur/WireImage.com It’s no shtick—Lindsay Lohan is converting to Judaism. And apparently, her family is taking the news very well. "As long as she believes in God," says her father, Michael Lohan, a self-proclaimed born-again Christian who raised … Continue reading

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Israel Shahak

Anthony writes: Dear Mr Ford: Having recently recently your interesting article on Israel Shahak (and having been alerted to your work by E. Michael Jones) I am writing, on the offchance, to ask if you can help me with a … Continue reading

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