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Joe emails: A reform jew is walking down the street and he looks in the window of the kosher deli. He does a double take as he is utterly shocked to see his reform synagogue’s pulpit rabbi eating lunch. He … Continue reading

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Pico Kosher Deli – Four Stars Out Of Five

Joe emails: The best way to tell how good a Kosher restaurant is to count how many non-Orthodox patrons it has. Orthodox people do not know good food and think that anything they do not have to clean up their … Continue reading

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‘Good Lord, Luke, This Book Is Crazy!’

That’s a quote from Joey Kurtzman who’s lying down in the hovel now studying the Torah portion Shoftim in preparation for our dialogue starting circa 4 pm here. Complete video of my discussion with Joey Kurtzman on this week’s Torah … Continue reading

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Agriprocessors Fallout?

Yisroel writes: "I think the deli owner and operators are young Lubavitchers from NY." According to SFNewYorkDeli.com: "Welcome to the S.F. New York Deli. Here is our unique style blend of the real New York Deli experience and San Francisco. … Continue reading

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