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The Debauched Life

All of us adults have debauched kinaesthesia (a favorite phrase of the Alexander Technique to indicate a faulty kinaesthetic sense). Through paying attention to your habits and letting go of ones that hurt you (such as unnecessary tightening and compression), … Continue reading

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‘For Me, The Essence Of Judaism is…’

That’s my least favorite phrase particularly when it is followed by "asking questions." Danielle Berrin writes about the creator of the Showtime show Weeds: For her own part, Jenji Kohan’s refusal to limit herself in her show’s creative content has … Continue reading

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Shalom Aleichem

On a Friday night walking home from shul, I’m stopped by a stranger in a car. He wants to know where Preuss is. I don’t know. I ask my friend. She doesn’t know. A rabbi comes out of his home … Continue reading

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