‘For Me, The Essence Of Judaism is…’

That’s my least favorite phrase particularly when it is followed by "asking questions."

Danielle Berrin writes about the creator of the Showtime show Weeds:

For her own part, Jenji Kohan’s refusal to limit herself in her show’s creative content has made moral ambiguity a “Weeds” trademark. No topic is too grim, no character too depraved, “No one is allowed to be politically correct,” she said. Even some Jews have a place growing among the weeds.

“I think everything is available for laughs, no matter how tragic,” Kohan said about pushing the limits of entertainment.

Probe for questions, mine for humor and go deeper. It’s exactly how she likes her Judaism.

“For me, the essence of my Judaism is to ask questions — ask why, ask more. And in a way, the show allows me to follow that path of Judaism,” she said.

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