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Rabbs: The Power And The Glory

From last Monday night’s Torah talk: Luke: “How was your Rosh Hashanah?” Rabbs: “God awful. Seventy three straight hours of going out of my mind. I absolutely hated it. Brutal.” Luke: “What do you have against going to shul?” Rabbs: … Continue reading

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Liami Lawrence Interview

He hosts a radio show in Los Angeles and he hosts regular parties for Jewish singles. We talk on my live cam about his kiruv work introducing striptease to Israel, his flirtation with Christianity last year and his views on … Continue reading

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‘Praying In Her Own Voice’

I invite a Torah girl to watch this documentary with me. She replies: Do you need me to be a 10th for a  minyan of fat,  ugly women?  "These women are fat and passionate and old and bizarre."  I’ll come wearing tefillin, talis … Continue reading

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She Would’ve Been 78

My mom died April 24, 1970. I was almost four. I remember her. Most of the women I’ve loved have been like her — cute, cuddly, nurturing and chronically late and unorganized. She would’ve turned 78 Saturday. I don’t say … Continue reading

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