Liami Lawrence Interview

He hosts a radio show in Los Angeles and he hosts regular parties for Jewish singles.

We talk on my live cam about his kiruv work introducing striptease to Israel, his flirtation with Christianity last year and his views on this week’s Torah portion.

Luke: “Were you stripping mainly for women or for men?”

Liami: “All for women.”

He was married at the time.

Liami: “There are a lot of poor people in the community.

“I’ll never forget the first year I moved here (1992). It was Yom Kippur. A bunch of us got together and we said we’re going to synagogue. We got dressed up. We went to Temple Beth Am. They wouldn’t let us in. No ticket. No entrance. You have ten young people all dressed in their Sunday best clothes. We went to every temple in Pico. They wouldn’t let us in. Here are ten young people. The average age is dead and depends and dentures.

“Finally, there was one synagogue on Pico that let us in — Bnai David. There was nobody there. Not only did they let us in, they said, we’re so happy. Please. They gave us a hug. Come in. Be part of the service. Do an aliyah. Do this and do that.

“They were so happy. They put us in the front row.”

In 2009, Liami quit his job as director of media relations at the Israeli consulate. “I had a really bad boss.

“Everybody said they would hire me. Everybody said, leave the consulate and we’ll hire you. You’re a superstar.

“The economy started tanking… And guess what? All the job offers dried up. And then my friend died and I couldn’t make parties.”

“I couldn’t get unemployment because the Israeli government is exempt. And that started a downward trend in my life.”

Liami’s partner in Sababaparties died of cancer at age 40. “The rabbi was disgusting. At Zev’s memorial service, he stood up and talked about goyim this and goyim that.”

“I went to the Jewish Federation. Everyone said they had programs to help you pay your bills if you are indigent. All that is a big laugh. Maybe they thought I was Israeli… They rejected me. I couldn’t sleep. I was really depressed. I just started watching TV. I started watching Christian television. Here they are offering me hope. There’s music. There’s laughter. There’s merriment. I was really depressed. I couldn’t see anything but black. I didn’t want to live anymore.

“Here they are offering me hope and music. I was so pissed at the Jewish community. I just said I wasn’t going to be Jewish anymore. It wasn’t so much a love for Jesus, but I was so pissed at the Jewish community, so I said on Facebook that I was not going to be Jewish anymore and I wanted nothing more to do with the Jewish community. Ohmigod, everything happened. People yelling at me. No, you don’t know, come to our service, come to our dinner.

“Finally, someone called a Chabad rabbi. He said, Liami, you saved my life. You helped me lose 150 pounds. You helped my wife lose 100 pounds. Come over now. I don’t care if we stay up all night. We’ll drink coffee. Come over and talk to me.

“And we did. And through his help, and some other people’s help, I washed the idea away. This can happen to anybody. People don’t know how to behave when they see somebody’s who depressed. One day I got up and decided I wasn’t going to be depressed anymore.”

bozo: sounds like a swarm of 1 billion bees buzzing…. can’t hear your guest…
PeterLutherChristian: Luke, this is inaudible. Why bother?
PeterLutherChristian: Do you have a thousand of those vuvuzelas playing in the background?
bozo: i was thinking that too
PeterLutherChristian: KNOCK KNOCK…..nobody can hear you LUke.
PeterLutherChristian: or that other guy.
PeterLutherChristian: Still more useless masturbation from Luke Ford.
bozo: this interview is going straight to DVD
PeterLutherChristian: Really, this is your career in a nutshell. Always falling short, never going that extra yard (never mind mile) that might have gotten you a career, money, respect, and women.
PeterLutherChristian: Just coasting.
PeterLutherChristian: No wonder no one in your kehila wants to make a shidduch for you
PeterLutherChristian: What is that guy on the right staring at?
PeterLutherChristian: I’ve no idea what he is saying.
bozo: is he speaking English?
PeterLutherChristian: I think he’s trying to propose marriage to Luke
PeterLutherChristian: He’s saying “I think I would make a good husband for you, Luke. I would provide you with a decent apartment, new clothes, and a better car”
PeterLutherChristian: Luke answers: “But how would I reconcile this with the toirah?”

PeterLutherChristian: The final solution to the problems of the disaffected Jew is to be found in the welcoming arms of Christ Jesus.
PeterLutherChristian: In my “kehilla”, you would be welcome by comely lasses eager to win a new soul for God.
PeterLutherChristian: “Spiritual” is not Jewish.
PeterLutherChristian: To be a Jew is to study the talmud and sell things to goyim. And that’s not you, my friend. You belong in Church.
PeterLutherChristian: Beside, and in case you haven
PeterLutherChristian: haven’t noticed, WASP girls are far better looking than most Jewesses.
PeterLutherChristian: This is God’s way of informing the Jewish man where he needs to be.
PeterLutherChristian: Israel needs to admit Palestinians the way we do Mexicans. PROBLEM SOLVED
PeterLutherChristian: Jews flee to cults because they have been poisoned against Jesus by their rabbis
PeterLutherChristian: EXACTLY
PeterLutherChristian: The Jewish Federation is an employment agency . . . for the people it hires.
PeterLutherChristian: Protestant Charities does it differently
PeterLutherChristian: The way Judaism works is, if you are not money hungry, you are driven out.
PeterLutherChristian: So over the generations, the Jews come to take on these money-grubbing traits.
PeterLutherChristian: I don’t think Esther actually “married” a goy.
PeterLutherChristian: You men are destined to become Christian.
PeterLutherChristian: 15 Minutes
User PeterLutherChristian changed their name to ShmulyStreimel.
ShmulyStreimel: Any man who can talk a Jewess into bed after just 15 minutes is . . . something.

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