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Jewish Journal Preparing Blockbuster CA Kashrut Expose

This well-researched story should hit the stands in a month. I’ve done some independent research and the following story is about Schwarma Express in the San Fernando Valley. It is a kosher restaurant under the supervision of Rabbi Yehuda Bukspan … Continue reading

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Liami Lawrence Interview

He hosts a radio show in Los Angeles and he hosts regular parties for Jewish singles. We talk on my live cam about his kiruv work introducing striptease to Israel, his flirtation with Christianity last year and his views on … Continue reading

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What Are You Grateful For?

From my live cam chat: ChaimAmalek:  Do you celebrate Thanksgiving? ChaimAmalek:  And for what are you the most thankful this year? YourMoralLeader:  depends on if i get invites, none this year ChaimAmalek:  Why not? ChaimAmalek:  Because of unpopularity, or because … Continue reading

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