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Orthodox Heretics

Heshy Fried describes different types of Orthodox skeptics who live the life but don’t necessarily believe Orthodox: Frum for marriage: You’re married and you don’t believe in Judaism, but for some reason you still want your kids to go to … Continue reading

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The Crush

I was hearing stories about getting close to the rebbe and it made me think that I never experienced crushes as a goy. I grew up a Protestant and Protestants don’t tend to press together tightly. We were more restrained. … Continue reading

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Remembering The Commandments

In therapy with a goy, I tried to explain the meaning of my choosing to wear my tzitzit (fringes) outside my shirt by extending my middle finger and waving it around. Somehow the holiest of commandments become perverse when I … Continue reading

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When A Staffer At An Orthodox School Marries A Non-Jew

Joe emails: “What should a modern orthodox school do when a jewish staff member marries a non jewish staff member? Legally they can terminate both of them, but what SHOULD they do? Shalhevet has long had a female Jewish secular … Continue reading

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The Orthodox Way

I was having lunch with two Gentile friends this past week, and this really goyish goy asked me about the Jewish community harboring criminals from goyisha justice and whether that might fuel anti-semitism. I replied that the rabbis in their … Continue reading

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