How Do I Stay In Such Amazing Shape?

Watch this every morning and you’ll lose your cottage cheese thighs.

I’m working out live on my cam:

Emma:  Something in the milk
guest125:  what u up to luke
Emma:  Luke seriously
Emma:  The music
Emma:  LMAO!
TORCHlight:  hahhahahahahahahaaha
TORCHlight:  if only he knew

Emma:  lol
TORCHlight:  now he’s confused lol
Emma:  I want some of that milk
guest125:  show again
guest125:  luke
TORCHlight:  wish i lived in california
TORCHlight:  i could stalk gary sinise lol
User guest130 left the room.
Emma:  Oh
TORCHlight:  ewwwwwwwwwwww i prefer good ole english tea myelf
Emma:  Tea
guest125:  whats that
Emma:  lol rock
TORCHlight:  omg now that is old
Emma:  ROCK ON|!
TORCHlight:  o please don’t do air guitar
TORCHlight:  i don’t i could take it
Emma:  DO IT
Emma:  LOL
TORCHlight:  noooooooooooooooo
TORCHlight:  don’t encourage him
Emma:  YEAH!
Emma:  GO LUKE
Emma:  ha
Emma:  lol
guest125:  TORCH were are you
Emma:  LMAO
TORCHlight:  you sure that’s green tea
TORCHlight:  cus I aint
TORCHlight:  uk 125
Emma:  WooOoT!
guest125:  were
TORCHlight:  y
Emma:  LOL
TORCHlight:  lalaa laaala llaaalalalalalallalalalalaa
KhunNumber9:  Shabadado
guest125:  im in uk just interested
TORCHlight:  f**king rabbit cus ate through another one of my cables the swine
Emma:  lol
Emma:  Luke your crazy
guest125:  TORCH
TORCHlight:  wot
Emma:  ouch
TORCHlight:  omg i take no more of this
KhunNumber9:  Luke is on crack
TORCHlight:  hahahhahaahahhaa
Emma:  lol
Emma:  go on my son!
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Emma:  πŸ˜€
KhunNumber9:  Look how light those werights are
KhunNumber9:  what does πŸ˜€ mean?
TORCHlight:  omg he’s a complete dickhead
TORCHlight:  i’m off
User TORCHlight left the room.
Emma:  lol
Emma:  what
KhunNumber9:  what does πŸ˜€ mean?
Emma:  they actually look heavy khun
guest125:  JUST A NUTTY JEW
KhunNumber9:  that’s it…exercise is over
Emma:  πŸ˜€ smiley
KhunNumber9:  thanks HEAVY???
guest125:  NO WAY
Emma:  lol
KhunNumber9:  Heavy?
Emma:  concentration on his face
Emma:  lol
KhunNumber9:  Arnold lifts Heavy …Luke is a Sissy
KhunNumber9:  hahaaaa
Emma:  He is doing some excersise
Emma:  lol
Emma:  Or scratching his back?
KhunNumber9:  Luke is scratching his back
Emma:  Yeah thats it πŸ˜‰
Emma:  LOL
Emma:  They have got heavier
Emma:  lol
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Emma:  Something in the tea
Emma:  yup see more tea
Emma:  aha
Emma:  lol
Emma:  oh for the love of god
Emma:  lol
User guest137 left the room.
Emma:  sit down man !
TORCHlight:  just telling everyone in another room I am in how ridiculous he looks lol
TORCHlight:  hhahahaha
Emma:  Just random Luke……. thats the word, random
Emma:  Luke try touching the ceiling
Emma:  im curious
User TORCHlight left the room.
Emma:  lol nearly
Emma:  it will do

YourMoralLeader:  have faith!
YourMoralLeader:  all will be revealed!
Emma:  Indeed
Emma:  sing louder i cant hear you
Emma:  LOL
Emma:  πŸ˜€ you are crazy you know
YourMoralLeader:  help me!
Emma:  lol
Emma:  I dont think thats possible Luke
Emma:  dont point that finger at me
Emma:  LMAO
User guest142 left the room.
Emma:  lol
Emma:  I havnt laughed as much ever
Emma:  crazy
YourMoralLeader:  thank you!
Emma:  Welcome
Emma:  lol
YourMoralLeader:  what are the best books you’ve ever read?
Emma:  I have read too many to have a favourite
YourMoralLeader:  gimme some
YourMoralLeader:  names
Emma:  hmmm
Emma:  I like horror
Emma:  science
YourMoralLeader:  jane austen?
Emma:  Oh yeah very much so
Emma:  brb
Emma:  Ok… you have alot of books I see
Emma:  lol
Emma:  thumbs up
YourMoralLeader:  my memoir
Emma:  Good taste in music to Luke
Emma:  thumbs up lol
Emma:  Love this song
Emma:  -gets up and dances-
Emma:  wOot!
User Rizzo ( entered the room.
Rizzo:  xx
Rizzo:  rizzo is now live at <—–Tune in —–<< xx
Rizzo:  changed
User Rizzo was banned by broadcaster/admin.
User Rizzo left the room.
Emma:  lol
Emma:  Its been fun Luke… but I’m off
Emma:  Keep rockin!!!!!
Emma:  lol
Emma:  bye de bye de bye bye
zappa:  hi – it’s me – i’m back – the central scrutinizer
YourMoralLeader:  yo
zappa:  sappnin
zappa:  blondie? geeeez
zappa:  double – captain of the heart
zappa:  next!!!
YourMoralLeader:  what do you like?
zappa:  oh I like smooth stuff – depends what mood i’m in
zappa:  If i’m in a huff – I like funk fusion dissonant stuff
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guest150:  your on the ohone again
YourMoralLeader:  u light up my life
guest150:  WHY ARE YOU SO GOOD LOOKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YourMoralLeader:  thanks!
guest150:  no prob
guest150:  what u laughigi at
zappa:  I went to the pet shop today
zappa:  bought a goldfish
guest150:  and#
zappa:  guy said – you want an aquarium?
guest150:  yeh
zappa:  I said I dont care wot freakin starsign it is
zappa:  my grandad got ill recently
zappa:  so my grandma rubbed grease into his back
User TORCHlight left the room.
guest150:  could of been geminie
zappa:  after that he went downhill pretty quckly
guest150:  you want a joke?
zappa:  got arrested for playin chess in the street
zappa:  i said to the officer – it’s because I’m black aint it?!
zappa:  went for a game of darts
zappa:  freiends said "nearest the bull starts"
zappa:  He went "baaaaaaah" – I went "mooooooooooooooooo" – ok I guess it’s me
guest150:  LUKE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
zappa:  got complimented on my driving today
zappa:  there was a little message on my windscreen saying ‘parking fine’… that was nice
guest150:  night night luke
guest150:  thanks
User TORCHlight left the room.
zappa:  somebody left some plastercine in my kitchen yesterday
zappa:  I didn’t know what to make of it
zappa:  these are awful I know
YourMoralLeader:  I like ’em
zappa:  most of my cousins were police marksmen
zappa:  apart from my great uncle who was a bank robber
zappa:  he died recently,surrounded by his family
zappa:  I used to think I was a teapot
zappa:  I know what you’re thinking……………………………………..pour you

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