Why Did Got Kosher File For Bankruptcy?

It was a fight between partners Alain Cohen and John Noohian. Here’s the cross-complaint from a state court proceeding where they allege horrible things about each other.

If it takes businesses busting up to keep my blog rocking, then keep busting!

Mr. Cohen was a partner in Got Kosher. He created other companies with similar names such GK2 and GK Provisions. These sucked business away from Got Kosher. According to the cross complaint, some customers got confused and thought that Got Kosher had changed its name.

John Noohian cross-complains against Alain Cohen’s attorney Lee Sacks, who was disciplined multiple times by the California Bar. Lee Sacks also sat in jail for fraud.

Noahian’s cross-complaints alleges Cohen gave shares in Got Kosher to his girlfriend Evelyn Barahn.

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