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Asian Women With White Guys

Rabbi Rabbs emails: Perhaps the most extreme case might be that of Michelle Malkin who is an American with Filipino ancestry. Her wiki lists her as a convert to evangelical Christianity, but that didn’t stop her Jew husband from marrying … Continue reading

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What Does Kosher Mean?

I’m staying with some non-Jewish friends at Loma Linda University this weekend. I’m going to be on a panel Sabbath afternoon talking with three Christians and a Jew about a new book. My friends have never hosted an Orthodox Jew … Continue reading

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As Pico-Robertson Turns II

Read part one here. They had met while working nights at a psych ward. Her name was Christine Smith. She was 24 and doing a masters degree in Family Therapy at California Lutheran University. She’d just ended a three-year relationship … Continue reading

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Doctor, Doctor, My Yellow Fever Burns Out Of Control

Asians are my favorite minority. If going yellow is wrong, I don’t want to be right. The Asians I know are clean, disciplined and well educated. Most of them are cute and cuddly. They’re committed to their famillies and don’t … Continue reading

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I Wanna Sing

I wanna dance. I haven’t felt this good in 20 years, not even when I was regularly —– this —- star. Last night I had dinner with a beautiful African girl. Today I had my Alexander Technique lesson. I’m letting … Continue reading

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