Asian Women With White Guys

Rabbi Rabbs emails: Perhaps the most extreme case might be that of Michelle Malkin who is an American with Filipino ancestry. Her wiki lists her as a convert to evangelical Christianity, but that didn’t stop her Jew husband from marrying her, and it didn’t stop the Jewish World Review from providing her a column as if she is somehow a spokesperson for Jews.

From Craigslist: And why does the NYT seem to feature such couples so often, and for the most inane stories….coffee table accidents??!!

And there’s more….

Nicholas Kristof NYTimes writer…his wife is CHINESE….and I saw an NYTimes video he made that talked about how he bought two Cambodian sex slaves all so he could free them. Awe shucks how romantic…the american white boy comes to save the day for the young asian girls!

Matt Gross…another jew boy NYTimes writer with an ASIAN wife….

And another jew boy with Japanese wife!

And this article features a CHINESE woman with an AMERICAN (read: WHITE) boyfriend living in China

How does the NYTImes manage to find so many white male/asian female people from all over the world to write about? Clearly the NYTimes is run by NY Jew boys who often have ASIAN wives, and of course many of their friends and friends of friends are the same….

And why are asian women so fixated on finding a white husband? why do they turn against their own asian men in such droves, and then use every excuse in the book to try and explan their ‘preference’ for white men? why isn’t WHITE fever ever discussed or acknowledged? I suspect that of the men who have ‘yellow fever’ that in fact, they only have it cuz they know the asian WOMEN have a thing for THEM. So if you’re a white guy who can’t get a date, and you know how easy asian women are for white guys, then of COURSE you’re gong to ‘prefer them’, cuz they make it so easy for you. All you gotta do is be white!

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