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Voice Lessons

I used my Alexander Technique lessons this week to develop my voice. I tend to carry around a lot of unnecessary tension in my jaw and neck, and I get particularly tight when I start speaking provocatively. Have you heard … Continue reading

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Like A Serial Killer

In the final weeks of the longest live-in relationship of my life (three months in Orlando during the summer of 1993), my partner pushed me to try the drug recommendation of her psychiatrist Daniel Golwyn — nardil aka phenelzine — … Continue reading

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Jihad At Fort Hood

Stephen Steinlight writes: Gosh, who would have thought there could be so many causes for this mystifying behavior?! WOW! Accutane. That’s an unexpected culprit. Now I’m terrified of every adolescent in the country. Just a sensible precaution: if you happen … Continue reading

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