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What’s The Halacah?

Dr. Marc B. Shapiro writes: Yet my point is that the Jewish people didn’t need any specific halakhic justification, because they knew from their intuitive natural morality what was proper. This is what R. Yehudah Amital meant when he said … Continue reading

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Baruch HaShem, My Dog Was Nifter

Heshy Fried gives this guide to sounding more religious, more Orthodox, than you really are: Funeral: Say Levaya instead Death, died or passed away: Nifter is the supreme substitute, if you want to be a bit more moderishe, but not … Continue reading

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What Level Of Vacation Benefits Are ‘Just’?

Rav Yitzhock Adlerstein blogs: My main concern was the damage to kashrus that would result from people coming to believe that the details of the law were far less important than the ethical intent of the law. Traditional Jews have … Continue reading

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