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Are Women More Spiritual?

David Suissa writes: That idea is a woman’s spiritual edge over man. I got a taste of that edge last Friday night at Temple Beth Am, where a packed house welcomed their new cantor, Magda Fishman, a soulful trumpet player … Continue reading

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Bad Jews

Class. A middle-aged liberal Jewish woman starts talking to me. "What do you think of Shlomo Carlebach?" she asks. "He did some good things. He did some bad things." "I saw a religious Jew doing a really bad thing this … Continue reading

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Did I Join A Cult And Not Even Know It?

For the past three months, I have been 100% enthusiastic about Kundilini Yoga. Don’t think my emotions had no foundation in fact. I read the Wikipedia entry on Yogi Bhajan and at the time it only contained neutral or positive … Continue reading

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Judaism & Yoga

I’ve been having a hard time of late reconciling Judaism with yoga. In particular, the teachings of Guru Singh with Judaism. I have a hard time putting my hands in prayer position because that reminds me of Christianity. I have … Continue reading

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‘Want Some X?’

I’ve just finished my Mussaf Amidah. I’m standing around looking for a good time. A friend comes up to me and says, "Want some X?" "What?" "Want some X?" "Huh?" He gives me a tract called "Ecstasy for the Soul: … Continue reading

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