Bad Jews

Class. A middle-aged liberal Jewish woman starts talking to me.

"What do you think of Shlomo Carlebach?" she asks.

"He did some good things. He did some bad things."

"I saw a religious Jew doing a really bad thing this week. It’s why we’re hated. He threw a handful of flyers out of his window. They were flyers for his shul on La Brea. I went up to him and yelled at him: ‘Do you know anything about Torah? Do you know anything about kabbalah? You are the reason people painted swastikas on my home [in a non-Jewish area of Dallas].’

"And he was smoking a cigarette. He flicked it on the ground. I hate that.

"Do you care about Mother Earth? I’m a psychic healer."

Another middle-aged woman walks over. They embrace and tell each other, "You look gorgeous!"

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