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When The Pointer Stands Up

I was chatting on Facebook with an Orthodox Jewish woman, about 25, who’s never married. She explained to me the different categories she puts eligible guys into. “Guys have only two categories for single women,” I said. “Those that make … Continue reading

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‘But You Admire This Man?’

Here’s a painful memory. It was the Spring of 1998. I was going out with this Jewish woman I met at synagogue. I brought her over to the hovel for the first time and like a chivalrous gentleman, I showed … Continue reading

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Keeping Kosher On An Interdate

In his second lecture on Leviticus 20 in 2009, Dennis Prager said: “When I was in my bachelor days in my twenties, I went out with women of all backgrounds. I intended to only marry someone born Jewish or converted … Continue reading

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Within 15 Minutes!

Here’s the JTA article about the Arab man in Jerusalem charged with rape for telling a Jewish woman he was Jewish: “Within 15 minutes of meeting each other, the couple had consensual sex on the top of a nearby building. … Continue reading

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Bad Jews

Class. A middle-aged liberal Jewish woman starts talking to me. "What do you think of Shlomo Carlebach?" she asks. "He did some good things. He did some bad things." "I saw a religious Jew doing a really bad thing this … Continue reading

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