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How To Spot The Orthodox From Birth

We’re talking FFBs (Frum From Birth). Heshy Fried writes about how he spots FFBs in the San Francisco Bay Area: They come into shul late and immediately daven mincha without a siddur or saying ashrei first. They go through a … Continue reading

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Should I Try Rabbeinu Tam Tefillin?

I notice a lot of people wearing this extra pair of tefillin in the mornings. I know that these are reserved for the pious but I’m thinking that if I put them on, I might become pious. Or I could … Continue reading

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The Seraphic Secret Girls

Robert Avrech writes: Several years ago, spotting a soft-focus Kodak moment, I whipped out my trusty Canon and focused on one of my girlses. “No, don’t shoot me, I look horrible!” What’s going on here, I thought to myself, am … Continue reading

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