Should I Try Rabbeinu Tam Tefillin?

I notice a lot of people wearing this extra pair of tefillin in the mornings.

I know that these are reserved for the pious but I’m thinking that if I put them on, I might become pious.

Or I could just give up some sins?

Hmm, putting on the extra tefillin would be a lot easier.

Where else should I sort out these spiritual dilemmas than on Facebook?

Daniel posts: “Once you start that minhag, you can’t stop. Before you invest the hundreds of dollars for a pair of RTs, research it’s significance and necessity and ask yourself if you would put them on in a non-Chabad shul.”

Rabbi Rabbs posts: “Unless you follow Chabad, I think it would be more consistent to start R”Tam when you get married, as is the minhag of all Chasidic groups.”

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