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Operation Optimism

My New Jersey friend Alec Borenstein is an attorney and a life coach. He has this Facebook group “Operation Optimism.” “We’re constantly bombarded with negative imagery,” says Alec. “If you just watch the 11pm news, you will see that almost … Continue reading

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Luke Ford – Life Coach

Helpful writes: Have you considered being a life coach? You could inspire others through your words and deeds. I’ve suspected for sometime now that Luke has been vending his seed through one of these celebrity look-a-like sperm banks. How much … Continue reading

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ToolsToLife.com – Life Coach Devlyn Steele

We talk by phone Wednesday afternoon. Originally from New York City, Devlyn Steele lives in Santa Monica. He’s relaunched his personal growth website ToolsToLife.com. Luke: "Coach Steele, why did you become a life coach?" Coach: "My entire life, I’ve been … Continue reading

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You Can’t Be Depressed & Grateful At The Same Time

I heard that from a friend the other day over lunch. He’s studying to be a life coach. That idea makes sense to me. I tried feeling grateful and depressed at the same time and it didn’t work. It’s one … Continue reading

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Rabbi Ephraim Bryks – Marriage Counselor

Vicki Polin writes: Case of Rabbi Ephraim Bryks (Brooklyn, NY) – This makes me sick! www.theawarenesscenter.org/bryks_ephraim.html What more can we do to protect innocent people from becoming the next victim of Rabbi Ephraim Bryks?  How is it that after all … Continue reading

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