Agriprocessors Fallout?

Yisroel writes: "I think the deli owner and operators are young Lubavitchers from NY."

According to "Welcome to the S.F. New York Deli. Here is our unique style blend of the real New York Deli experience and San Francisco. At the S.F. New York Deli we are committed to you and your desire for the real taste of New York Deli dining. From our Delicious Hot Pastrami Sandwiches to our born and bred New York Staff, we strive to bring you the real combo of the "City that Never Sleeps" and the "World’s Favorite City"."

From the Beit Midrash Ohr HaChaim posting board: "Please let everyone know that the S.F. New York Deli, a kosher deli that has been operating in Embarcadero 5 in San Francisco for the last 2 years is looking for a buyer as soon as possible. They are not restricting the sale to purchasers who want to keep it kosher. If you know anyone who might want to buy the business and keep it kosher, please have them contact Yissi, the owner, at (415) 788-0422."

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