‘Good Lord, Luke, This Book Is Crazy!’

That’s a quote from Joey Kurtzman who’s lying down in the hovel now studying the Torah portion Shoftim in preparation for our dialogue starting circa 4 pm here.

Complete video of my discussion with Joey Kurtzman on this week’s Torah portion Shoftim.

We just had a nice kosher lunch on David Suissa at Shiloh’s (9939 Pico Blvd).

After an hour of chithcat, I started rhapsodizing about split pea soup, how it was the only food that made me happy. That I always got all sweaty and joyous when slurping down some split pea and that it made me feel alive and alert and energized.

So David and Joey also ordered split pea (though I was the only one to take a second bowl).

I find it easy to order extra helping when somebody else is footing the tab.

Shiloh’s split pea is as good as Pico Kosher Deli’s but is 250% more expensive ($9 a bowl vs $4).

I’ve never been in a Shiloh’s before. Nice place. White tablecloth. Stones in the urinal. (Gotta try that at home to add some class to the hovel.)

I felt like a slob in my black shorts and ripped blue t-shirt.

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