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How Do You Keep God Alive In Your Life?

In his 1999 lecture on Exodus 34, Dennis Prager says: The Torah says you shall observe the feast of unleavened bread. This is how you keep faith in God, by observing regular rituals. If you don’t observe regular rituals, you … Continue reading

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The Bottom Line

Joe emails: Obama must be gotten rid of in 2012. His continued presence is bad for the Jews, Israel and America. The Republicans have no credible candidate with any appeal to minorities and youth, and their votes matter. The question … Continue reading

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Reviewing My Past Decade

From my live cam: guest11: You should invite all your old girlfriends to spend New Years eve with you here in this here chat room, reviewing the last decade of your life with you guest11: “An Evening with Luke” Maybe … Continue reading

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50 JDates

From her blog: “I am a 26 year old Jewish girl dating a non Jew. My mom does not want me to marry him and I don’t know what to do! So I have challenged myself to 50 Jewish dates… … Continue reading

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‘I Need To Go Have Sex!’ She Said

I was quite taken aback, not being used to such blunt sentiments. "There are ten people I can call right now in this neighborhood," she said. Ten! Here in Pico-Robertson? Here in the bastion of Modern Orthodoxy. A minyan to … Continue reading

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