Reviewing My Past Decade

From my live cam:

guest11: You should invite all your old girlfriends to spend New Years eve with you here in this here chat room, reviewing the last decade of your life with you
guest11: “An Evening with Luke” Maybe rent out a restuarant and charge people 50 dollars to attend the lecture (food and drink extra)
guest11: If you were any kind of a Jew that’s what you would do.
guest11: I don’t care what the rabbis of LA had to say, in terms of money, you are no Jew. You shame us all.
guest11: Did you read that article in the NY Post about that nice Jewish girl who whored herself out to the Sultan of Brunai?
guest11: She has still managed to find herself a guy to date, even though she admits she was in the Sultan’s harem and f**ked both him and his brother
guest11: So apparently the Sultan of Brunai does not go trolling for women on Craigslist

The New York Post says:

Jillian Lauren was frightened out of a deep sleep by a banging at her door.

“You must get ready. Five minutes,” a voice barked. She dressed and timidly entered a Merce des-Benz with tinted windows, more than 9,000 miles from her New Jersey home.

Lauren, who grew up in Livingston and studied acting at New York University, was in the last place a Jewish American princess belongs: in Brunei — a Muslim monarchy on the north coast of Borneo in Southeast Asia — and in a harem.

She waited four hours in a gold-encrusted room for the man she came to see as her “savior,” the royal around whom the harem revolved: Prince Jefri Bolkiah, the former finance minister of the oil-rich nation and the brother of one of the world’s richest people, the Sultan of Brunei.

When he arrived, reeking of Calvin Klein’s Egoiste, she breathed a sigh of relief. As he led her into the Hugh Hefner-inspired bed room, she lifted off her sun dress and had sex with him for the first time.

“I fell victim to Stockholm Syndrome,” Lauren writes in her book “Some Girls: My Life in a Harem” (Plume), out in April. “I knew I was a hooker, but somehow I felt like Cinderella.”

Lauren lifts the veil off her secret harem life, sharing vivid and explosive details of her 18 months as a hired party girl, her bizarre affair with the prince, the outrageous shopping sprees and the fighting within the international clique of 40 women who fought for the prince’s affections.

Lauren, the adopted daughter of a Jewish stockbroker and a housewife, never thought she’d end up in a Muslim’s brothel. She grew up in a town where “orthodonture was mandatory and getting a nose job as a gift for your sweet 16 was highly recommended.

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