The Bottom Line

Joe emails: Obama must be gotten rid of in 2012. His continued presence is bad for the Jews, Israel and America. The Republicans have no credible candidate with any appeal to minorities and youth, and their votes matter. The question is, which candidate would be the best president for the Jews? The answer, after this weekend’s nuptials, is obvious. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

She should resign her post after the November election and announce her candidacy. She is the mother in law of a jew, and will quickly soak up tons of jewish money.

Because you have so much pull with Prager, get him on board.

Luke says: How about Dennis Prager for president?

Joe emails: the guy appeals to minorities about as much as pat boone. First off, you have to deal with being against a minority candidate from a generation in the late baby boom. You cannot go back in age beyond, i would say, someone born after 1956. Prager was born in 1948. Second, the guy has more divorces than obama has muslim parents. forget about it. Prager has a glass ceiling made of his own foibles. He pisses off those who are close to him, and only his listeners dig him. Remember his TV show – laughable.

CHARLES EMAILS: Hillary Clinton is the one that started this mess.

First, she was the first US administration official ever to support a Palestinian state.

Then, she kissed Suha Arafat after Mrs. Arafat made a speech denying the existence of the gas chambers

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