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The End Of Genesis

I discuss the parsha with Rabbi Rabbs Mondays at 7pm PST on my live cam. This week we talk about the Torah portion of Vayigash (Genesis 44:18-47:27). Video seven has been deleted because we said some things that were not … Continue reading

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Are People Basically Good?

Dennis Prager writes: If my mail is any indication, I suspect I aroused considerably more anger among Jews by arguing that man is not basically good (and that the belief in man’s innate goodness is neither rational nor Jewish) than … Continue reading

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How Do You Keep God Alive In Your Life?

In his 1999 lecture on Exodus 34, Dennis Prager says: The Torah says you shall observe the feast of unleavened bread. This is how you keep faith in God, by observing regular rituals. If you don’t observe regular rituals, you … Continue reading

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Just Lunch

Last week, I had lunch with a young woman. She was breathing and I really like that trait in a girl. Only a simple thing prevented me from touching her — my faith in God and in the LAPD. As … Continue reading

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