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Decoding The Republican Brain (8-8-23)

01:00 The Republican Brain, 04:00 People Often Base Their Worldview On Bogus Facts, 43:00 HP: Richard Hanania, Rising Right-Wing Star, Wrote For White Supremacist Sites Under Pseudonym, 44:00 Steve Sailer: Richard Hanania’s “The Origins of Woke: Civil … Continue reading

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The Republican Brain

Philosopher Rony Guldmann writes in his work in progress Conservative Claims of Cultural Oppression: On the Nature and Origins of Conservaphobia: * Much of the new conservative phrenology is summarized in science writer Chris Mooney’s The Republican Brain, which offers … Continue reading

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What Is Conservatism?

In his 2015 book, Key Concepts in Politics and International Relations, Andrew Heywood wrote: * The central themes of conservative ideology are tradition, human imperfection, organic society, authority and property. For a conservative, tradition reflects the accumulated wisdom of the … Continue reading

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Conservatism & Liberalism & Covid (6-25-23)

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‘Yes, We Should Call Them Imperialists’

Paul Gottfried wrote July 19, 2018: Neoconservatives like Max Boot are fooling themselves if they think imposing ‘values’ on the rest of the world isn’t a matter of empire. Recently while reading a book by an Israeli scholar named Yoram … Continue reading

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