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He Left It All On The Field

“If you keep writing as you’re writing, will you accomplish the things you want to accomplish in the rest of your life?” his therapist asked him. He thought about that for a long time and finally, reluctantly, quietly, answered, “no.” … Continue reading

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Is G-d Satisfied With You?

Dennis Prager blows away his Christian friends when he tells them that he believes that all in all G-d is very satisfied with him. Many perhaps most of Prager’s Christian friends walk around with a deep sense of unworthiness. In … Continue reading

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Do You Feel Worthy?

In a 2005 lecture on Deut. 30, Dennis Prager says: “I have a feeling that Christians have a harder time thinking they are worthy.” “Do you think God is satisfied with the person you are? I have Christians friends who … Continue reading

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Dennis Prager’s Nightmare

On his radio show Monday, Dennis Prager said: “I have a nightmare for this country — anything that physically harmed this president. It is my nightmare. I can not think of a single worse thing, short of a nuclear terrorist … Continue reading

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