Dennis Prager’s Nightmare

On his radio show Monday, Dennis Prager said: “I have a nightmare for this country — anything that physically harmed this president. It is my nightmare. I can not think of a single worse thing, short of a nuclear terrorist attack, but even that openly damages this country. The physical harming of this president would be perhaps worse. For the Secret Service to flub it on who gets to come into a dinner with the president, that’s big. I have been to the White House on three occasions. Your name is on the list. You show ID. You give in advance a whole host of information. You are vetted well in advance. If you are not on the list, that ends the issue. What if they wanted to hurt the president? They were checked for weapons? So what.”

“The issue of people sneaking into the White House is big.”

“If they had wanted to hurt the president, they could have.”

“What this would mean to the black-American population if this president were hurt.”

What? Are blacks children? Nobody talked about what it would mean to the white population if George Bush were hurt.

DP: “This couple needs to be prosecuted. I don’t get it if they’re not. If I walked into your house, I’d be prosecuted.”

“This thirst for fame betokens a deep sense of emptiness in a person [to want to be on TV, to be famous to be famous, not for anything]. I have no real significance so my significance will derive from being on TV. It’s being on television. Seventeen books written about the person would not matter.

“It is related to the secularism of the age. People who are religious have an inherent sense of worth. All things being equal, they have a greater sense of personal worth than secular people.”

“I wonder if this couple [who crashed the White House] are religious. I’d be surprised if they were actively religious.”

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